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‘It took me a couple of weeks just to come to terms with it’

Jonaid Khan, 34, took accounting (D), business studies (C) and computing (X) A-levels at Josiah Mason sixth-form college in Birmingham

I was expecting Bs and Cs, so on results day I was gutted: I knew I had blown my chance of going to university and felt like I’d let my family down. The X in computing was due to being disqualified from one exam because I’d arrived late and forgotten to leave my mobile phone at the front desk. I wasn’t given a chance to explain myself and I was devastated.

Seeing many of my friends get positive results only made me feel worse; few had done as badly as I did. I’d been deciding between going for a professional accounting qualification or an undergraduate degree, but with my results I felt as though it was the end of the road for me in an academic capacity. I was thrust into panic and depression.

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Telling my family my results was difficult. But deep down I was hugely disappointed with myself as I knew I could and should have done much better.

I didn’t really talk to anyone about my results, and it took a couple of weeks just to come to terms with it. Then I began to look into my options, and decided to pursue an NVQ professional qualification in accounting.

After five years of work and more studies, I got a job at the University of Bradford, and ended up studying part-time for a degree in combined studies there, graduating with first-class honours in 2010.

I’m now halfway through an MBA and really happy with how things have worked out. To anyone facing a similar situation to me, I’d say that you will end up getting to where it is you feel you should be – it’s just the route may be completely different from what you’d envisaged.

‘My results taught me how to make the best of a bad situation’

Kevin Bediouhoune, 19, got an E in biology and D in English literature A-levels, and Cs in chemistry and English language AS-levels at St Mary’s Menston Catholic sixth form, near Ilkley, West Yorkshire. His grandmother died during the exam period

All summer I’d spent time guessing and trying to figure out what exam papers I did well in and which subjects I got a good grade in – then when I walked into school and opened my results I knew straight away I could have done better. My grandma’s death had affected my whole mentality, but I didn’t realise that until I got my grades; it dawned on me that my mind was somewhere else and I wasn’t as stable as I’d thought. I was gutted.

I didn’t feel failure – I hadn’t quit, I made it to the end, and just that was an accomplishment. But I had missed my first-choice course at Liverpool John Moores University. My mum wasn’t in the country at the time, she was in Cameroon, sorting out my grandmother’s funeral arrangements, so I didn’t tell her about my results until I’d figured out what to do. I decided to look at clearing.

After ringing The Ucas exam helpline, I went to see Hull, and I’m now here studying biomedical science – the same course I was planning to study at Liverpool John Moores. In the end, everything worked out for the better. I think my results were meant to test me and get me ready for the maturities of adult life; now I’ve learned how to handle – and make the best out of – bad situations.

‘I felt like the world was telling me that I was stupid’

Leah Jacobs, 31, did A-levels in geography (C), maths (E) and physics (U) at JFS school in Harrow, north London

Results day was the hardest day of my life. I remember queuing up with my mates, and when I was handed my envelope the head of sixth form gave me a look … I knew then that it was bad, but when I saw the results I basically lost it – I remember screaming and shouting and crying. I thought it was the end of the world, and had no idea what my next step was. I felt like the world was telling me that I was stupid.

I wasn’t expecting the results – I had worked really hard that year, and had extra tutors in maths and physics. I had put everything else in my life on hold to ensure I did the best I could. I genuinely thought I had done quite well.

It took me a long time to get over my feelings of failure from results day, but in the process I found out I had undiagnosed dyslexia, which affects the way I deal with exam situations. I’ve realised that I am smart, but the A-level system was never going to reflect my true ability.

My head of sixth form advised me not to do retakes. I took a gap year and worked at a civil engineering firm, then I found a university – Nottingham Trent – that would take me with the results I had because of my work experience. In my third year I found tunnelling engineering and knew I wanted it to be my career. Since then, I’ve worked on large tunnel boring machines for Crossrail, two London Underground station upgrades and had an amazing experience working in New Zealand. The industry pays really well, which has allowed me to buy my own property, which a few of my peers who did well at A-levels have struggled to do.

‘I ran to the toilet, locked myself in a cubicle and cried’

Hannah Jones, 23, got two Ds and an E in history, English literature and psychology A-levels at Birchwood sixth-form college, Warrington, plus a distinction in a drama BTec

My A-level results were the last hurdle between me moving to Liverpool to start a new life studying drama at uni, and, after doing well at GCSE, I was quietly confident walking into college to pick up my results. My parents had high expectations too.

Then I opened the envelope and my eyes scanned over the letters that I definitely didn’t want to see. Without saying a word to anyone, I ran to the toilet, locked myself in a cubicle and cried. I was so embarrassed. I thought my future was completely over.

Friends who hadn’t revised as hard as I had did amazingly well and were getting places in top universities. It felt like everyone except me was celebrating that day.

Will taking a BTec help or hinder your university application?

I’d always been such a high achiever; I didn’t feel like myself any more. I wished I’d prepared better for my results – I should have had a back-up plan for a worst-case scenario. It sounds gloomy but to others facing results day this year, I say prepare yourself for the worst and then anything else is a massive bonus.

Thanks to my coursework-based BTec, I managed to get into university – just – to study drama. But after six weeks I dropped out, having realised the course wasn’t for me. I moved back home and secured an apprenticeship at my local council and ended up in its PR department. All executive-level roles required a degree, so I went back to uni and last week graduated with a first-class degree in PR and marketing from Manchester Metropolitan University. I was the top performing student on my course, and now have a job as an account executive.

I’ve realised A-level results don’t define you. No employer has even asked for my A-level results and I’ve never thought about them since that day. Just because your forte isn’t being able to remember dates or formulae and write them all down in an hour, doesn’t mean you’re a failure. Work hard, be grateful, put yourself out there and you never know where your career might take you.

‘We stuck a pencil randomly in the clearing list; it fell on Brighton’

Sally Bunkham, 36, scored a C, E and U in English, home economics and art at Stamford high school for girls, Lincolnshire

I remember staring at my results and thinking: “I’ve stuffed that right up.” I had my heart set on going to Sheffield University, but that wasn’t an option any more. I sat on the concrete floor and listened to my friend’s voices celebrating around me, pretending I wasn’t bothered. In fact I was. I knew it was my own fault – I was just too interested in boys, drinking and going out socialising at the time.

One of my friends came to my house and persuaded me to look at the clearing list. We literally stuck a pencil on the list randomly and it landed on the University of Brighton, on a course about historical and cultural studies. I rang up and got in. I didn’t know a thing about Brighton and arrived that September having never even visited. But I enjoyed three fabulous years at university, made my best friends and later found my husband, and dad to my two kids – and we still live in Brighton.

I got a job straight after university in sales, then moved into events, and this year launched my own business, Mum’s Back, selling hamper gifts for new mums. It’s going really well and I’ve been on TV and radio talking about it.

A-levels are a world away. I asked my mum today if she could remember what I got and she had no idea. But the experience did have a lasting effect on me – even now, when I’m stressed, I have the same dream of being in that sports hall in an exam with no clue what any of the questions are about.

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In the diet industry, don’t mistake marketing for effectiveness. Dr. Ian Smith, the author of the Super Shred Diet, is quite the name in weight-loss, so we checked out the ingredients, side effects, customer service and clinical research on the plan. We digested hundreds of comments from users who’d tried it. Then, we condensed and refined to give you the info you need.


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What Is The Super Shred Diet?

The Super Shred Diet is formulated as a 4-week diet strategy to help users lose up to 20 pounds. The plan includes 50 recipes for the Super Shred Diet menu and rolls out over 4 stages or phases.

First Stage

The Foundation stage of the Super Shred Diet recommends about 5 small meals daily, to be eaten about once every 3 hours.

Second Stage

In the second stage, which is the acceleration phase when users have grown used to the 5-meal routine after getting habituated to it during the first week, Dr. Ian suggests users to replace any one meal out of the five with a smoothie, a shake or soup daily.

Third Stage

In the third phase, the shaping phase, when users can start reshaping their figures. In this week, the number of meals and snacks are now modified to only 2 meals and 4 snacks.

Fourth Stage

In the last phase, the tenacious phase, users are recommended to keep a food journal to have a food log of their daily food consumption – including their snacks so that they are keeping track of their control & dedication towards this diet.

The diet goes back to having 4 meals along with 1 snack.

After these four weeks, the diet control along with the amount of physical exercise is entirely up to the users, although it is recommended by the writer that the meal spacing technique is continued to keep weight off.

Products Similar to Super Shred Diet

How Did Super Shred Diet Start?

The Super Shred Diet was published as a book in 2013 by Dr. Ian K. Smith who believes that a diet should be affordable, simple and guilt-free.

The author has also published several other diet plans and products including Shred Power Cleanse & Recipe Book, the Fat Smash Diet and the 4 Day Detox.

His work has been featured as #1 best seller as well as seen on Dr. Phil, The Oprah Show and Good Morning America.

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Super Shred Diet Claims

So, according to the Super Shred Diet blog, meal spacing is an important feature that helps keep the user’s insulin consistent as opposed to eating a large meal suddenly after a long period of time. Doing this could spike insulin levels which isn’t great for weight loss.

The Super Shred Diet blog claims that users will notice signs of weight-loss from their accumulated efforts over the past 2 weeks in the third stage.

The author claims that the program is efficient because it does not leave you hungry, it helps you stay slender and feel good about your overall self.

If anything, the claims of high insulin levels in the body can definitely be a bad sign, but not in the ways that the author explained.

The increased insulin levels point to the possibilities of these enzymes not working well enough to digest or break down the excess glucose levels frequently found in us after eating carbohydrate-heavy diets.

As such, it is indeed possible that the sudden high amount of insulin in our body systems refer to some level of insulin resistance in our body, requiring more of this enzyme than usual to break down glucose to keep the glucose level at a healthy limit.


Super Shred Diet Ingredients

The Super Shred Diet sticks to foods that promote health and overall well-being. Some of the main foods include:



Green tea

Green garden salad with turkey sandwich

Lean beef

Low-salt soup

Low-fat of fat-free 6-ounce yoghurt


Does Super Shred Diet Work?

The Super Shred Diet received very mixed reviews from consumers.

Many of the negative reviews had to do with the difficulty of following this plan while leading a busy life. Another negative had to do with the insufficient calorie intake that the diet promotes for those who lead an active lifestyle.

There is also insufficient information on the book itself as to why specific foods on the diet menu are recommended, which could be a very confusing recommendation for users who are new to diet planning.

Some users are fine with blindly following the recommendations, but users who are more health conscious or would like to modify their diet plan will find explanations helpful in planning their daily meal and calorie intake.

Nevertheless, a simple Google search can provide you with more information about the suggested ingredients and meal structures. However, not every user wants to spend the time doing this.

Super Shred Diet Benefits and Results

Most of the foods featured, such as oatmeal, are known to be high in protein content along with essential fats & minerals such as calcium & iron.

Meanwhile, other items included in the list, such as lemons, can be have weight loss benefits by simply including the item in your beverage.


The Super Shred Diet claims to work quickly, leaving users with a few less pounds in the beginning of the program.

However, reviews on the Super Shred Diet mostly agree on one thing – the meals are very time-consuming to plan and can be very hard to follow, which contradicts against the writer’s objectives which is to create an easy diet plan.


How To Follow The Super Shred Diet

The Super Shred Diet book explains how users should take their daily meals and meal timing. The diet also suggests serving sizes and food substitutes for breakfast options, beverages, salads, vegetables, meat and fish.

As you can see, the super shred menu encompasses all classes of food in the food pyramid.

The Super Shred Diet helps users control food intake management, meal-spacing and teaches the process of four meals and snacks daily to three meals and three snacks and finally switching to two meals and four snacks a day.

This practice is supposed to create a food schedule for the user that will allow them to continue the control after completing the program.

Potential Super Shred Diet Side Effects

There are not any serious reported side effects of using the Super Shred Diet other than the occasional hunger pain due to restricted calories.

Active adults might not benefit from this diet as the lack of calories could have a negative impact.

Super Shred Diet Product Warnings

Some of the products recommended in the super shred menu, such as the Super Shred Bars & Popcorn, contains high amounts of hidden ingredients such as MSG, sugar alcohols and processed proteins.

While this is not much of a concern for most users, the products could definitely use more transparency in their marketing strategy, in case some users who follow this diet plan are allergic to these hidden ingredients.

Any Super Shred Diet Lawsuits?

There are no recoded official complaints or lawsuits of the Super Shred Diet so far.

Super Shred Diet Alternatives

If you aren’t convinced that the Super Shred Diet can help you obtain your weight loss goals, don’t worry! There are many alternatives that claim to produce similar results such as:

1400-Calorie Diet

By using consistent calorie-restriction, users will quickly see weight loss results. A rough ratio of the total calorie intake for carbohydrates, vegetables and fruits as well as meat for the users to select from to make up a total of about 1,400 calories.

BBC Good Food’s Healthy Diet Plan

BBC Good Food promotes a healthy diet plan for users who want a simple yet effective diet that does not require much prep time or shopping for uncommon ingredients.

28-Day Challenge – Fast & Easy Meal Plan

Real meals planned for real humans with real expectations, the 28-day meal challenge features very simple and achievable meals  along with the recipe and ingredients needed.

“”The diet requires too much of your time. It’s not practical to follow unless you have time to watch the clock.””

Takiyah Curry

“”I felt hungry all the time but followed it and at 3.5 weeks have lost 8 pounds. So not all people can lose what they tell you. I also did all the exercise required. Guess my body is just slower than most.””

Eunice Stranc

“”Down 30 lbs so far..Love the structureof this plan. 1st diet that has worked for me!””

Pamela Bono

The Bottom Line – Does the Super Shred Diet Work?

So, is it time to visit the bookstore? Our look into Super Shred Diet weight-loss left us feeling confident in our assessment. We like that it promotes eating healthy, nutritious foods and the author is a trusted member of the medical community, but we have a few reservations about it because dieters claim to be starving on the plan and there’s no mention of clinical support. Plus, we find it interesting that there are multiple publishings from the same person on this topic.

If you’re ready to reach those weight-loss goals, our suggestion is to go with a supplement that offers clinical support for all ingredients in the formula at a great cost.

Among the best products we’ve seen this year is one called Dietspotlight Burn. This supplement is formulated with four scientifically researched ingredients in a proprietary blend that’s proven to help speed up metabolism and boost fat loss. We found no mention of negative side effects and dieters are reporting great results across the web.

Plus, the makers of Dietspotlight Burn are confident enough in the supplement to offer a Special Trial Offer, which is a great sign.

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This is how much it costs to start on the respective program. We always recommend trying a product before making a large investment.

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  • = Initial product cost is between $6 and $50
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