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Dr. Lorna Rivera, Director

Dr. Lorna Rivera is the director of the Gaston Institute for Latino Community Development & Public Policy, and an associate professor of Women’s/Gender Studies and Latino Studies at the University of Massachusetts Boston. Dr. Rivera’s family is from Puerto Rico, she is a proud graduate of the Chicago Public Schools, and is an alumnus of the Latino Leadership Opportunity Program (class of 1991, Midwest Region). She has a bachelor of science in elementary education from DePaul University and taught Social Studies and Language Arts grades K-9. Rivera moved to Jamaica Plain, MA in 1992 to pursue her PhD in sociology at Northeastern University. Rivera’s publications and research focus on Latino/a communities, women’s health disparities, and educational inequalities. She has received research grants from the Society for the Study of Social Problems, the Spencer Foundation Dissertation Fellowship, the National Academy of Education’s Spencer Postdoctoral Fellowship, the National Center for Family Literacy, and the Massachusetts Department of Elementary & Secondary Education. 

Dr. Rivera was a principal investigator at UMass Boston’s HORIZON Center funded by the National Institute on Minority Health and Health Disparities/NIH (2007-2010), and a co-principal investigator for the UMass Boston & Harvard Dana Farber Cancer Center U54 Partnership (2011-2013). She wrote the award-winning book, Laboring to Learn: Women’s Literacy & Poverty in the Post-welfare Era (2008), and is currently writing about Puerto Rican women cancer survivors and environmental justice activists in Vieques, Puerto Rico. Since 2015, Dr. Rivera has been working with Bunker Hill Community College and Chelsea High School on the Latino Student Success Initiative funded by the MA Department of Higher Education. She is a founding member of the Board of Directors of WE LEARN, a national women’s literacy organization, and also served on the Board of Directors for the Massachusetts Coalition for Adult Education. Currently, Dr. Rivera serves on the Board of Directors for the Hyde Square Task Force in Jamaica Plain, as well as the Advisory Board of the Talented & Gifted (TAG) Latino Programs and ALERTA programs funded by the Boston Public Schools.  

Core Staff

Michael Berardino
Research Associate for Education
Michael Berardino holds an MS in public policy from the University of Massachusetts Boston and is currently a Research Associate at the Gastón Institute for Latino Community Development and Public Policy and a doctoral candidate in public policy at UMass Boston’s McCormack Graduate School of Policy and Global Studies. His research focuses on the impacts of language instruction and high-stakes testing policies on English Language Learners, with special attention to Latino student outcomes, school discipline, and civic engagement.
Daniela Bravo
Administrative Assistant
Daniela Bravo-Terkia holds a BA in anthropology and cognitive sciences from the University of Massachusetts Boston. Besides her work as the institute’s administrative assistant, Ms., Bravo-Terkia is also a community activist dealing with issues of immigration in the Boston area. Ms. Bravo-Terkia’s research interest consists of the intersection of cognition, culture, a person’s background and experiences impact a person’s perceptions around racism, prejudice, and decision-making. She recently received the John F. Kennedy Award for Academic Excellence at UMass Boston’s 49th commencement ceremony.
Pablo Goldbarg
Research Communication and Dissemination Coordinator
Pablo holds an MA in media studies from The New School. He has seven years of corporate experience and nine more as a freelance writer and producer for advertising, television, and film. Pablo is in his sixth year managing the communications, branding, and outreach of the Gastón Institute. This involves designing and running media campaigns, websites and social media platforms, serving as a liaison for media, policy makers, community members and partners, developing digital content and collaborating on the institute's efforts in grant proposal writing and new partnerships.
Phillip Granberry
Senior Research Associate
Phillip Granberry is an economic demographer with a specialization in survey research. He worked with various community-based organizations assisting recently arrived U.S. immigrants before earning a PhD in public policy from the University of Massachusetts Boston. He is a senior researcher in the Gastón Institute and teaches in the Economics Department at UMass Boston. In addition, he is senior researcher in demography for the Boston Planning and Development Agency, where he produces population projections for Boston. He conducts a probabilistic household survey for public health and immigration research. He has published articles on the accumulation of social capital of Latino populations in the United States.
Trevor Mattos
Research Associate
Trevor Mattos holds a master of public policy (MPP) from the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, and a bachelor's degree in International Development and Public Health from Gordon College. His specialties are socioeconomic and demographic analysis. Trevor applies quantitative and qualitative research methodologies to a variety of economic and social policy issues. He is currently pursuing a master of arts (MA) in applied economics at the University of Massachusetts Boston while supplying data analysis for the institute. Trevor's current research focuses on economic mobility among Latina immigrants in American cities. 
 Jim O'Brien
Jim O'Brien is an editor and book indexer who has edited many Gaston Institute publications from almost the beginning of the institute. He formerly taught part-time in UMass Boston's College of Public and Community Service and has also taught many computer classes in the OLLI learning-in-retirement program at UMass Boston.
Eduardo Siqueira
Coordinator of Transnational Brazilian Project
Dr. Eduardo Siqueira is an associate professor in the College of Public and Community Service (CPCS). He holds a ScD, University of Massachusetts Lowell, an MD, School of Medicine, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and an MPH, Johns Hopkins University School of Hygiene and Public Health. Dr. Siqueira was an assistant professor in the Department of Community Health and Sustainability at the University of Massachusetts Lowell between 2005 and 2011, where he researched the political economy of the migration of hazards between developed and developing countries, healthcare workers’ work environment policy issues, and environmental justice for Brazilian immigrants.
Fabián Torres-Ardila
Associate Director
Fabián Torres-Ardila holds a PhD in mathematics from Boston University. He has many years of experience providing professional development to STEM teachers who work with English Language Learners. Dr. Torres-Ardila has been the coordinator for the Title III grant "Math Sheltered English Teacher Training Project" at UMass Boston from 2012 to 2017, and interim director of the TAG/ALERTA program. He aims to strengthen the institute’s research on current educational policies that impact the inclusion of Latino families in Massachusetts. 


Visiting Scholars

Denisse Delgado (Cuba)
Ana Rosa Linde (Brazil)
Patricia Rodrigues Costa de Sa (Brazil)

Research Assistants


Maria Barrow
Evelyn Bonilla
Judenie Dabel
Amber Heredia
Johanne Massilien
Leidy Quiceno
Katsyris Rivera Kientz
Kimberly Salazar
Ilytch Tabora
Ashley Torres


Evelyn Bonilla
Tatiana Forero
Josibel García
Leidy Quiceno
Katsyris Rivera Kientz
Lina Rosario
Ashley Torres
Mariana Valencia


Haya Ahmed
Leo Arévalo
Paula Ávila
Salomé Correa
Iria Dopazo
Chanel Fields
Tatiana Forero
Norma Fuentes
Josibel García
Josmarie García
Nardos Gebresilase
Dorothy Lima
Ivan Lozano
Trevor Mattos
Allan Ordoñez
Berta Padilla
Leidy Quiceno
Joana Reis
Francisco Rojas
Lina Rosario
Rocío Sánchez Ares
Ethan Schein
Stephanie Valerio
Carlos Velázquez Agudelo


Joseli Alonzo
Alejandro Belalcazar
Melissa Correa
Iria Dopazo
Chanel Fields
Andrew Flannery Aguilar
Josibel García
Nathalie Gonzales
Patricia Guardado
Tomás Hernández
Crys Jimenez
Ivan Lozano
Natalia Medina
Francisco Rodriguez
Lina Rosario
Ana María Sánchez
Ethan Schein
Rachel Tsavalakoglou
Carlos Alberto Velázquez

Previous Years

Cristina Araujo Brinkerhoff
Patricia Buzelli
Angel Cosme
Franci DaLuz
Aline Da Fonseca
Norma Fuentes
Diego Gómez Aristizabal
Mayara Fontes
Carolina Gonzalez
Sophia Grimm
Eriliza Guerrero
Tariana V. Little
Diana Mercado
Anjuli Manrique
Luis Natal
Aida Palencia
Beninson Peña
Riqueldys Peña
Kevin Valencia

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