Verbal Visual Essay Assignment Rubric

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ENG1D1 Independent Reading Assignment

Verbal-Visual Collage

Step #1: Choose your novel

Choose a novel (minimum 250 pages) and have it read by ________________________.Your teacher will give you reading periods, so be sure to bring your novel to class.

Step #2: Identify the main ideas & themes

As you read:

Determine the major themes, ideas or conflicts that are being developed in your novel.


FIVE quotations

from the novel that reveal these themes & ideas.


FIVE personal statements

that relate to these themes & ideas.

Finally, choose images (drawings, graphics, magazine or computer images, etc)that depict these themes, ideas and conflicts. Avoid literal depictions of the plotor characters; rather, choose images that have

symbolic value.Step #3: Design your collage

Using the

principles of design


media techniques

discussed in class, arrange your visual images and verbal statements (five quotations & five personal statements) on aBristol board to create a collage. Be sure to include the title and author of the novel. N.B. This collage should communicate the main themes, ideas and conflicts in the novel;therefore, your images and statements should

work together 

to convey this unifiedmessage. Arrange your images and words purposefully!On the back of your collage:

List your FIVE quotations and FIVE personal statements.

Write a detailed, one-paragraph explanation of the meaning and intentions behind your visual elements. This explanation will help you to complete thefinal step.

Step #4: Present your Verbal-Visual Collage

You will briefly present your verbal-visual collage to the class on an assigned date.During your presentation, you will:

Give a brief synopsis of your novel.

State the major themes, ideas and/or conflicts of the novel.

Explain how your collage communicates these themes and ideas.

Your presentation should be about 5 minutes in length.

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